Is Condo Ownership Right For You?

Modern apartment interior

Trying to decide between a house (freehold) and a condo (condominium)? Before you make a final decision and sign anything, consider these seven factors first to determine if condo ownership is right for you.

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Why We Value Transparency Above All Else

why we value transparency above all else

At Accord Law, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and service to each and every client that walks through our doors. We know that every successful case depends greatly on building mutual trust the client and our legal team, which is why we always ensure full transparency so that we can work together to gain the best possible outcomes.

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Real Estate: Pet Restrictions in Condos

Dog under a blanket

The bond between pet owners and their pets is undoubtedly sacred, as such, when a resident or potential homeowner is forced to choose between their pet or their home, the outcome is typically contentious. However, it is important to note that the topic of pet restrictions in condos is not only a concern for residents, but also the condo corporations that govern them.

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