How to Ensure a Smooth Immigration

March 3, 2021
March 3, 2021 Admin

Are you looking to become a Canadian citizen? Here are some tips to ensure a smooth immigration process.

Review the Immigration Laws

The Canadian immigration process has gone under a number of changes over the years. So, before you apply, it’s important to spend some time reviewing the latest immigration policies and information. You should also understand what the process involves to become a Canadian citizen. Currently, you first need to apply for a permanent resident visa and meet certain residency obligations before you can apply for citizenship. This includes living in Canada for at least 1,095 days out of the 5 years that you hold permanent residency status and providing proof of taxes in Canada for at least 3 years.

Check Your Eligibility

There are also a number of situations that can prevent you from becoming a citizen here in Canada. If you have committed a crime in or outside Canada, are on parole or probation or serving imprisonment, are under a removal order, or have had a citizenship application refused for misrepresentation, the Government may reject your application. Before you apply, check the prohibitions to ensure you are eligible.

Learn About Canadian History

To get your citizenship, you’ll also have to pass a citizenship test. This multiple-choice test includes questions about Canada’s history, political system, geography, national symbols, values, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  

Brush Up on Your English or French Skills

One of the steps to apply for your Permanent Resident Visa and Canadian citizenship is proving your English or French skills. You’ll be required to take an exam that will test listening, reading, writing and speaking in one of Canada’s official languages. The score that you’ll need to achieve will depend on the particular visa program you are applying for.  

Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Canada approves hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year, but many are not as successful and some even wait years for the process to be finalized. If you’re not familiar with the documentation, are experiencing a language barrier, or are tired of waiting around for a response from the government, hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer can make a big difference.  They will walk you through all the documentation and ensure that you have submitted everything accurately.  A lawyer will also protect your rights as an immigrant and make sure that your case will be moved along without delay. With a lawyer by your side, you can experience a stress-free, smooth immigration process from beginning to end. 

Whether you’re applying for your permanent residency or citizenship, our immigration law team can help to ensure a smooth immigration process. At Accord Law, we have a proven track record in facilitating the successful entry of temporary and permanent residents. Learn more about how we can help you or set up your free consultation today to talk to one of our lawyers!