How Do I Know if the Condo Lifestyle is Right for Me?

April 16, 2019
Posted in Helpful Tips
April 16, 2019 Admin

Are you trying to choose between buying a house or a condo? Deciding on the right style of dwelling can be quite a difficult decision to make. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this quick list to help you figure out if the condo lifestyle is right for you. 

You’re Looking for On-Site Amenities

With a house, there’s not a whole lot of amenities that you can have on site. Sure, you can own a pool, jacuzzi, and entertainment room, but it will cost you a pretty penny. With a condo, you get immediate access to a whole number of convenient amenities, from swimming pools to party rooms, guest rooms, fitness centers, saunas, and more. Many buildings even feature retail space on the lower floor so that you can complete your shopping steps from your front door. Not many homeowners experience these kinds of benefits.

You Hate Doing Property Maintenance

Do you hate the idea of mowing the lawn, cleaning out the gutters, or taking care of your home’s exterior? If so, then a condo might be right for you. When you live in a condo, you only have to worry about the work that needs to be done inside your unit. Anything outside your front door is taken care of by the condo corporation and is charged to you in your HOA dues every month. That means you’ll never have to worry about shovelling snow or raking the lawn. 

You Don’t Need a Big Home

If you’re a party of one or a small family, it’s likely that you won’t need a whole lot of space to live comfortably. If you don’t need a backyard for the kids to run around in or 3-storeys of space, a condo is a good choice. Plus, even if you want a lot of space you can still have it with a condo, as some larger models run from 1500 sq ft right up into the 3000s. 

You Prefer a Community Feel

Are you someone who doesn’t like the idea of feeling segregated? If yes, then the condo lifestyle might be a better option because it’s community-based. Not only do you have a lot of neighbours to interact with but many buildings also set up events to help people mingle and get to know each other. It’s an excellent way to feel connected when you want to but still maintain your privacy.

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