5 Tips to Make Christmas in Your First Condo Memorable

December 19, 2018
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December 19, 2018 Angat Saini

If you’ve just moved into a new place, the holidays can feel a little crazier than usual. But having a new condo to celebrate Christmas is still exciting! You get to find new places to hang up all your decorations and show off your new pad to family and friends. Make the most out of your first holiday season in your new home with these five tips to make Christmas in your first condo memorable.

Make Room for Your Decorations

If you have boxes still lying around, now’s the time to get to work and declutter as much as possible. Even if you have to move some boxes into your closet or tuck a few into the laundry room, making some extra room for your decorations will be worth it. You can always go back to unpacking after the holidays are over.

Get Your Tree Up

Christmas is just not the same without the shimmering tree. Even if you’ve moved into a small space, you can always find the perfect sized tree to put up inside your condo. First, measure where you plan to place it and then head over to your local tree center or department store to find one that will fit. Even if you just put up a 3-footer, your new condo will feel more cozy and festive once it’s up. An artificial tree is always recommended for Condos as they don’t pose the fire hazard that real trees do.

Hang Some Lights

Just because you’ve moved to a condo doesn’t mean you can’t have lights placed around your home. Try draping some icicle lights over your windows or stringing some along your balcony so you can see the colourful glow when you look outside. And if you have a fireplace, the mantel is always a perfect place to add some as well. Lights are always guaranteed to make any space feel warmer and inviting (just make sure to get your Condo Board / Management approval first, as some buildings have restrictions!)

Don’t Forget the Stockings

Make this year more memorable by buying new stockings for your new condo. Be sure to add the year on the front so that every season you put them up you’ll remember the first Christmas you spent in your new space.

Host Your First Christmas Party

Why not start a new tradition by throwing a holiday party? In fact, it’s the perfect substitute for a housewarming party — you get to christen your new space with all your family and friends but with some added Christmas flair. If you’re short on space, suggest a potluck — that way you don’t have to cook a huge meal or set up a large table. Everyone can mingle and munch as they please.

Start some new traditions by decorating your condo and inviting your favourite people over to celebrate with you to help make this Christmas the most memorable one yet.

Happy Holidays from the Accord Law Team!

Angat Saini

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