5 Fun Ways to Create Your Holiday Paradise at Home

December 12, 2018
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December 12, 2018 Angat Saini

Many of us Canadians flock south come wintertime to escape the icy cold weather over the holidays. But with all the recent weather-related hinderances in the southern hemisphere, your favourite destination might not be tourist-ready. But don’t let that get you down. If you’re going to be stuck at home this season, why not turn your place into your own holiday oasis to get the most out of the winter season? Here are five fun ways to create your holiday paradise at home that will take away your winter blues.

Light Up the Fireplace

You might not have the warm sun this year to enjoy, but you can still cozy up to the warmth of your fireplace. Throw on a yule log, light up the fire, and enjoy the soothing crackling sounds right from your living room or bedroom.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Let’s face it, the holidays never really feel the same down south. At home, you’ll find colourful lights speckled across people’s homes, Christmas trees shining in the windows, and lawn decorations littered throughout the front yard. There’s just nothing quite like it, so why not embrace it? To get back into the holiday spirit and to get over your winter blues, add some holiday flair to your home. Pull out all the fun holiday decorations and garnish your home from bottom to top to add some holiday cheer.  

Create a Zen Room

You may not be able to do yoga on the beach right now, but you can still get the quiet contemplation you need at home. By turning one of your spare rooms into a Zen room, you can get the daily rest and rejuvenation you need over the holidays.

Invite the Light Inside

Find your sunny space and open the blinds. Although it’s snowing outside, you can still capture the warm, sunny glow inside. Locate the wall that offers the most rays and then perch yourself there with a cozy chair and book. It’s the perfect way to (almost) recreate any poolside lounging you may be missing out on this year.

Create an Entertaining Area

The holidays are the best time to catch up with family and friends. And since you’ll be home this holiday season, why not throw a get-together to reconnect with everyone? You can create a cozy spot for entertaining small groups of friends and family with festive food, drinks, and conversation.

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